Las Vegas and Phoenix Market Update – September 2012

Navigating the Current Las Vegas Market

Property Management Permit Course!

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The Current Las Vegas Market

Single family residential (SFR) closings for August 2012 were up 6.6% from July 2012 despite being down 17% from August 2011.  Overall inventory which had been declining month after month saw a small increase as we are back at the 5600 unit level.  Most areas in Greater Las Vegas have approximately a 6 week supply of inventory or less.  Yet, the best news is that the median price of an SFR rose from $120,000 to $138,000 for a 15% increase during the last twelve months.  However, condos and townhomes rose by 21.5% during the same period.

Click here to Download the Current Market Report for Las Vegas and Phoenix

Let’s Compare Market Segment Closing Changes for the Past Year!

How Does Phoenix Compare to Las Vegas?

Market Momentum: Las Vegas vs Phoenix

Oh – by the way – there is no AB284 in Arizona!  Well . . . back to NFL games and watching political commercials!

Happy Birthday Leslie Carver!

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